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Show-case & Best Practice (Projects & Clients)
Listed below are selected work examples of CORNERSTONE Corp.
Good ICT-Practice cases & Success Stories

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FIGO 2006 International Fellowship Programme in Malaysia
Over 8,000 delegates from around the world convened at the XVII FIGO World Congress in November 2006. At the launch of the Congress, the Ministry of Health Malaysia showcased a multimedia video entitled "Malaysia's Success Story in Maternal Health".

A local pharmaceutical company, VacciChemie has signed a Memorandum Of Understanding with an international company certified by World Health Organisation in its production standards in worldwide sera, Bio Farma. This is the launch multimedia presented to the guests of honour and the press.

Mens Health, Erectile Dysfunction, Bladder & Prostate Health
A website with an interactive database of well over 2,000 records of doctors and pharmacy outlets in a genuine drug programme.
Websites & Content Management System

Over 70 projects, over USD 23 million has been funded
DAGS (Demonstrator Application Grant Scheme) was officially launched in 1998. DAGS is a key initiative for the realization of objectives set out in the National IT Agenda (NITA) of Malaysia. Additionally, DAGS enabled all Malaysians the opportunity to be acculturated and involved in ICT-based and related activities. The grant scheme can also be considered as platform to build human capacity and capability through ICT applications.
Knowledge Management

InfoSoc Malaysia
Coined from the words "Information" and "Society", this is a yearly conference that has begun since 1995.
Websites & Content Management System

Health Tourism Portal
A site to introduce international "tourists" choosing to find a medical and health destination.
Professional Association / Society Portals

All About Pain
This is a website on pain - what is pain, types of pain, pain alleviation and management etc.
Websites & Content Management System

Associations and Societies Websites and Portals (Industry: Medical)
Useful links to a number of medical and medical Specialist Association websites serviced by Cornerstone.
Professional Association / Society Portals

Boston Consulting Group Asia-Pacific websites
Web sitelets for Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, China and Singapore.
Websites & Content Management System

International Medical Conferences extensively use the Internet to promote, manage Abstracts Submissions and register delegates
Conventional paper pamphlets & brochures should not be be placed in-situ as your conference website! That would be called "brochure-ware" and totally defeats the purpose of using the power of digital content and the internet's inherent advantage of being available anytime anywhere and its interactive features.
Professional Association / Society Portals

Patient Medical Records online & forever available!
Patient Cards for medical records keeping - moving from database to information systems and into the realms of Knowledge Management Systems for the medical practioner.
Knowledge Management

Factory Safety Video
An aluminium factory in Malaysia requires visitors to observe various safety rules and precautions prior to entering the factory. This multimedia video documents & explains to visitors about the factory, the processes and it's Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy and safety procedures/precautions. Multiple Languages.

Lower Environmental Impact Forest Harvester introduced with the use of multimedia technologies
Multiple Language versions produced for targetted marketing and introduction into various parts of the world. (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese)

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