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What we do best
Our core expertise, strengths and passion

Cornerstone delivers professional work that is effective, efficient and adds-value  to companies such as MIMOS, Pfizer & Motorola; to international multi-stakeholder partnerships such as the Global Knowledge Partnership (GKP) and to NGOs; to Governments such as the Ministry of Health Malaysia and the Malaysian National IT Council; and across a broad range of small & medium enterprises/industries (SMEs/SMIs).

That's what we do best from an economic & business perspective - being involved within your organization and conciously, continuously adding-value.

Our core competency and continuous learning is in the following:

  1. We are very good at using ICT tools (from programming to creating graphics, visuals, animation, sights-n-sounds).
  2. We are very good at ICT management issues  - the databases, Information Management & Knowledge Management (IM/KM), people & technology management
  3. We are good at understanding the interaction of people, organizations and computers - 'soft' issues that can be well managed and used for business advantage

* ICT is a common acronym used to describe Information and Communications Technology

Everyday, our work involves the following:

  • Portal Content Management implementation, training
  • Society Portal roll-out and servicing
  • Clinic Patient Records Systems implementation
  • Website Designing and full annual maintenance of websites on a daily basis

  • Completely manage everything that is on the internet for your company
  • Product Launches with the aid of multimedia, video, sights-n-sounds
  • Video editing and reproduction of VCDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs, web-videos
  • Video production of company documentaries, safety videos, process videos or product videos

  • Database systems that are ready for use together with the internet
  • General Programming
  • Flash Animation Designs
  • CD-ROM content development and production


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"Where there is no vision*, the people perish;  but he who keeps the law blessed is he."  Proverbs

* vision: redemptive revelation of God
   law: law of God, which includes that of man
   blessed: happy, fortunate, and enviable

We are a business corporation that strives to operate on the tenets of honesty, integrity and honoring God.

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