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Cornerstone Products & Services

We are in the business of digital content - managing digital content and presenting digital information in the right form and format for business and organizational use.

A number of our services have become mainstream products with value-added services:

  • Portal and Website Content Management Systems (CMS)

  • Society Portals - a vertical portal ('vortal') implementation for professional societies/associations becoming cyber-communities

  • Medical/Clinic Patient Records Management - intelligent and pragmatic use of computers for the medical practioner concerned about patient records keeping 

  • Video and Multimedia Content 'Packaging', fast-track and low-cost development and production of corporate presentation material that meets the budget, the constant need for change and revision, and tight deadlines; including professional corporate Interactive CD-ROMS and "Launch Gambits"

  • Multimedia-cum-Video Digital Signage - own your own TV-channel and begin to narrow-cast (cf. broadcast) with capabilities to also "data"-cast

If you are looking for a web-master, web-developer, a web-management team or a multimedia expert ...
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