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  Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups are small home groups that meet, support and disciple one another. All congregation members are encouraged and expected to be a part of these groups, where much nurturing, encouragement and support can be found. Come join us in one of our Discipleship Groups today! Call the church office to help locate one that meets near your home or office.

The following is our commitment statement on Discipleship Groups (DGs):

Discipleship Group Commitment Pledge

My Commitment

I  _______________, commit myself to be a disciple of Jesus Christ through:

  1. Maintaining a vital relationship with my Lord through regular prayer & the reading and obeying of His Word.
  2. Allowing the Holy Spirit to lead & transform me.
  3. Seeking actively to share the Gospel & make disciples
  4. Edifying & upholding other members in my Discipleship Group in love
  5. Submitting to the leadership of my Disciple Leader.


Archived Resources:
Our Discipleship Group structure were re-organized in 2003. Click here for a Letter  from Senior Pastor to the SSMC Family (6 Jan 2003). Click here for a powerpoint Presentation  as shared by Senior Pastor on Sunday 30th March 2003. 


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