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Little Siti has stomach ache that was unbearable. Mama Siti immediately called a CHILD FRIENDLY HOSPITAL and informed them that Papa and Mama Siti will be bringing their daughter to the emergency ward. Mama Siti with the help of Little Siti's favourite sister Kak Aida packed some clothing and Little Siti's favourite Winnie the Pooh.

Upon arrival at the big rainbow coloured building, Little Siti is taken to the special emergency Ward for Children. Little Siti is greeted by name by hospital staff dressed in different cartoon aprons. There is Papa Bear and mama Bear who is soothing her and stroking her hands while she is put onto a trolley and pushed inside. She hears sounds of music from the Tiki Tiki Tiki room like the one that mama Siti has taken her before in Disneyland. Little Siti recalled many happy memories from the family holiday trip last year.

A man with a big red rubber nose and stethoscope moved up to press Little Siti's stomach gently and examine her condition. There are many ladies moving around wearing funny aprons. One reads Mickey is sick and Minnie is taking care of him. Another has a big Doraemon with a bandage around her stomach. It's so funny that if not for Little Siti's pain in the stomach, she would have bellowed out with laughter. But the friendly atmosphere there and Mama Siti beside her and holding her hands throughout plus her favourite Winnie the Pooh, Little Siti felt as if she has entered a new playground. On the left hand side of her bed there is a big colourful drawing that says, "Welcome Little Siti" by Winnie The Pooh.

The man in the big red rubber nose told Little Siti that she will be staying for a few days in the hospital and promised that there will be many children playing with her.

Dinner time came and a man in a big sunny Ramli burger apron came by with a dinner tray. As Siti has appendicitis, she unfortunately has to delay dinner till she has visited the special space room.

Little Siti, Winnie the Pooh with Mama Siti holding her hand is pushed along a corridor with stars and moon till she comes to a door. "Selamat Datang Adik Siti", a voice greeted her and automatically the door opens and people in teletubby space suits greeted her by name. Mama Siti too had changed into the teletubby suit. The man with the big red rubber nose told Little Siti that she and Mama Siti will be going on a journey to the stars but they will have to wear a mask.

Little Siti wakes up back in her bed in the ward feeling much better. She decides to turn on the hospital radio channel, Radio Ga Ga. She decides also to make a song request for the doctor in the big red nose for making her well and to convey her thanks. As her mama is dozing, Little Siti decides to turn off the radio and asks for some books to read from the nurse in the apron with a picture of a bookworm pushing a trolley full of books around. The bookworm nurse informs Little Siti that a favourite cartoons how will be aired on the in house TV Channel, "Kids in hospital" at 6 o'clock and asked if she would like to join them at the Kids' House where a magician and clown will be present.

Little Siti was thinking that hey, hospital is not such a scary place after all. There is so much of cheer and things to learn and to do even if one can't get down from the bed.


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