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  Guidelines For Child Friendly Healthcare

Rapid advances in the medical and surgical management of the child have not always been accompanied by equivalent attention to the broader psychosocial and emotional needs of the child and his family. The WHO in its commissioned study of "Care of Children in Hospital" states that "there is clear lack of awareness in a surprisingly large number of hospitals of the special need not only to cater for children's technical, medical and nursing needs, but also to minimise the adverse effects of being separated from their families and exposed to frightening experiences that are all too often magnified by the child's lack of forewarning."

The child friendly healthcare facility initiative seeks to develop a child-sensitive approach that recognises the special psycho-social, developmental and physical needs of the child.

The UN Convention of the Rights of a Child defines a child as "every human being below the age of eighteen years unless under the law applicable to the child, the majority is attained earlier".

The benefits derived from this approach are many with the main beneficiary being children and their families.

Children will be managed in an environment that pre emotional/psychological trauma which may have permanent consequences.

Compliance to clinical management is encouraged by the positive experiences of children and their families.

Guidelines for Child Friendly Healthcare - Multimedia Presentation - click here

Guidelines for Child Friendly Healthcare (PDF Format, 109KB - click here to download)

PDF file includes full details of all twelve standards, and the following appendixes:

Appendix 1: Recommendations for Adolescent Health, by Malaysian Paediatric Association (1994)
Appendix 2: Staffing Norms for Level II Care
Appendix 3: Proposal for Training "Towards a ChildFriendly Healthcare Approach" covering:

    • Use of Play in Healthcare
    • Touch Therapy
    • Paediatric Counselling
    • Pain Control Management

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