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  Application Process

New:e-DAGS System (online submissions) is now open for new applicants

The pilot e-DAGS system is now open to all new DAGS applicants. All new DAGS applications as of 1 August 2004 shall be accepted online. Your application submitted via the e-DAGS system will be processed in a shorter time frame compared to email submission. You will be able to monitor your application status online as well.

Click here to begin your online application or to check your project status

Should you have any feedback or enquiries, please email to for support. Thank you.

How to Apply

  • The applicant needs to submit an executive summary (ES) of the proposed project to the DAGS Management Team to be reviewed as to whether it is aligned to any one of the Strategic Priority Areas and DAGS requirements. Should you be interested to apply, you can find the Starter Kit here for further information, and submit your ES online or e-mail to us at

  • Within 14 days upon receipt of executive summary, the DAGS Secretariat shall respond to the applicant. Further consultation may be required to ensure that the proposal meets the requirements.

  • Should the proposal meet the general requirements, the applicant will then be given a full application kit, which consists of templates for proposal preparation, slide presentations and financial statements. All these templates should be completed and attached with relevant supporting documents before official submission to the DAGS Secretariat.

  • Applicants are required to furnish supporting documents such as the promoter's CV, form 24, form 49, project papers, etc.

To aid promoters plan and implement a project, project formulation guidelines have been drawn up to aid DAGS applicants, as follows:

Identification of problem/issue/opportunity
Identification of Assumptions
Identification of community to be served
Identification of goals/objectives
Designing the Solution: Technology, Content & Community
Build a sustainable Financial Plan
Build a Community/of partners/risk takers


Application and evaluation process flow

The DAGS Secretariat is the initial "gate keeper", facilitator and evaluator for all projects under DAGS.

The SPA (Strategic Priority Area) Director will evaluate the project and determine whether it is aligned to the strategic agenda.

The Expert Members consisting external parties from 3 sectors namely the public, private and community sectors will assist the Secretariat in evaluating the project from technical and non-technical aspects.

The DEDC (DAGS Evaluation and Disbursement Committee) Members will evaluate and recommend the project for approval by the MOSTE based on recommendations from both SPA and Expert Members.

The Ministry of Science, Technology & the Environment (MOSTE) is the final approver and endorser of the project.

Average Processing Time

* 86 days - The processing time may vary from case to case as promoters are required to meet certain criterias or conditions before proceeding to the next level of evaluators


Starter Kit for DAGS Applicants


 Guidelines (Word Document - 80KB)
 Guidelines (PDF Document - 41KB)

 Executive Summary (Word Document - 27KB)
 Executive Summary (PDF Document - 10KB)


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