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  Frequently Asked Questions

Is the grant still available?
Yes. Funds under the 8th Malaysian Plan is still available and applicants are encouraged to apply.

Can an individual apply for DAGS?
Yes. However, it is advisable if the applicant is from a registered entity in order to ensure project sustainability.

How do I apply for the grant scheme?
Send in a brief description of the proposed project using the standard executive summary template which can be downloaded at this website, via email to

Must there be involvement from the public sector and ministries?
Yes. All the proposed projects must be supported by the public sector to ‘bless’ and endorse the project since DAGS projects are intended to benefit the respective target communities chosen.

Must the project be aligned with the SPA?
The 3 SPAs serve as area of focus and proposed projects must be aligned with one of the 3 areas i.e. Social Digital Inclusion, e-Public Services or Economic Competitiveness.

Must the project be demonstrated to a target community?
Yes. Community participation is essential since any DAGS project must benefit the piloted target community through the demonstration of the project.

What is the maximum amount that I can apply for?
The funding amount will be determined by the size of the proposed projects, feasibility and the ceiling rate used by DAGS.

How long does it take for me to get the funding?
The timeframe of the process varies and depends on the completeness of the submission. DAGS Secretariat’s charter is to reply all executive summary submissions within 2 weeks of receipt.

What is the DEDC?
DEDC stands for DAGS Evaluation and Disbursement Committee. The DEDC members will conduct a final scrutiny on the projects that have been recommended by the Expert Members.

Does the project end upon completion of project?
No. Upon the completion of the pilot year and end of DAGS funding, the project promoter and partner must ensure that the project continues to sustain and grow. This is why there must be a sustainability plan to ensure the continuity of the project.


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