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What is the Global Better Sex Survey?

The Global Better Sex Survey (GBSS) is one of the largest global surveys of its type which includes telephone interviews with 12,558 men and women aged 25 – 74 in 27 countries.

The GBSS was commissioned by Pfizer Inc. and conducted by Harris Interactive. Fieldwork for the survey began in March 2005 and was completed in March 2006.

What was the aim of the survey?

The GBSS was commissioned to quantify levels of sexual satisfaction whilst gaining a unique insight into the unmet sexual needs and aspirations of couples throughout the world.

What are the key findings of the GBSS?

Sex is very important to both men and women

All aspects of sex are very important to both men and women.

90% of men say that confidence in sexual ability is critical to having a strong, loving relationship.

A significant proportion of men and women are not fully satisfied with their sex life

Only 50% of both men and women are “very satisfied”.

One third indicate they are having “less than the right amount of sex”.

Almost all agreed it is important to please their partner during sex.

The majority of men are not satisfied with the hardness of their erection

Getting and maintaining a hard erection is regarded as critical to a good sex life and a healthy relationship.

Less than 2/3 of men report “always” being able to get and keep an erection good enough for sexual intercourse.

For both men and women, a strong correlation exists between erection hardness and…

… satisfaction with sex life; … love and romance; and … overall health

The desire amongst both men and women to improve their sex lives

25% of both men and women interested in improving sexual experience.

25% of men with “mild” ED are interested in improving sexual experience.

Approximately 75% of both men and women have been able to enjoy “better sex” following treatment with an ED medication.

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