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  Can Two Walk Together
About the Authors

Rev Tony and Teresa Lim have been ministering in the Evangelical Free Church for the last twenty five years. Tony completed his master's degree at Regent College, Canada. He is currently finishing his doctor in ministry degree with Singapore Bible College. Tony and Teresa have two lovely children, Lukas and Tabitha.





THIS IS OUR LOVE story. We are two strong-willed people who are finding deep joy as we learn to walk together. But it is more than a love story. We have lived in Malaysia for nearly half a century. Neither of us grew up in a Christian home, but we have pastored Christian congregations for nearly twenty five years. We want to tell the story of how God has worked in our lives and ministry. As honestly as we know how, we have recorded the ups and downs, the joys and struggles of living out our faith in the communities where we have found ourselves.
In these pages we will share what we have learnt about diverse matters. Infertility. National Service. How to talk to teenagers. How to save for a holiday. How to cope with the fear of spirits and incurable diseases. How to form a mothers' support network. How a busy Christian can find freedom in Christ and live beyond people's expectations and demands. What language to use in worship. What is important in training a pastor.

The stories are not in chronological order but are told according to events, topics and issues that had much impact and influence on our lives. Events we go through in life often seem haphazard. We would prefer order and predictability. That would make it much easier to make sense of life. The collection of stories in this book is about life. Amidst the vicissitudes and uncertainties, we are learning to look for evidences of God's presence. We do this to reassure ourselves that God has not forgotten us nor abandoned us.

We trust that the providential hand of God, His love, mercy and grace will be seen dearly in all the stories. Yes, even in the ones that may have no happy endings.
While all the stories are true, some of the names and details have been changed to protect confidentiality.

Finally, this book is a love offering to our neighbours, our colleagues, our parishioners who have enriched our lives and to the people of Malaysia.

Book Review

  • This is a remarkable book, which will enrich and strengthen. .. its readers.
    Dr James M. Houston, Founder Principal and currently Emeritus Professor of Spiritual Theology, Regent College, Vancouver, Canada

  • Have you wondered why many pastors and elders seem to be more like CEOs and managers than real spiritual shepherds of God's people? Why there is so much emphasis on methods, images, activities, results than on the calling, shaping and a life-long development of a truly relational, contemplative, Christ-like mentoring pastor? Tony and Teresa's honest, humble, courageous, deeply transparent and reflective, pioneering account of their spiritual and pastoral journey together - written with much wit and wisdom born of several decades of life and ministry and continuous study of the pastoral craft and serving the Asian family context will go a long way to help answer some of those questions without being 'preachy'.
    Rev Loh Soon Choy, Former Dean & currently Lecturer Emeritus & Lecturer in Pastoral Theology & Christian Spirituality, Malaysia Bible Seminary

  • Though their lyrics are different, Tony and Teresa dance in complementary steps through the pages of this book. Their wisdom, honesty and integrity witness to the grace that two can walk together.
    Low Chai Hok, itinerant teacher and former Old Testament lecturer at Malaysia Bible Seminary

  • For almost three decades Tony and Teresa have walked together. Their story is one that must be told, for the lessons they have learned are too valuable to be kept to themselves.
    Rev Dr David W F. W'ong, Vice-President, International Training, Haggai Institute

  • The book is unique because there are very few Malaysians (for that matter, Asians) who write with such honesty and transparency concerning their own lives. It also gives valuable insight into the ways the writers handle life issues based on their faith and knowledge of God's Word.
    Dr Chan Ah Kee, Chairman, Evangelical Free Church of Malaysia


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